Chilled Watermelon juice : Summer Killer


In this summer watermelon juice is very best to fulfill the water in the body and it is very healthy juice which gives energy instantly also refreshes the entire immune system of the body. It is too delicious and very impressive to serve your guest whenever they come to your home in the summer.

Watermelon fruits are very common in India and you can get easily near at your home market which is also not very costly to purchase or afford. So enjoy your breakfast with the watermelon juice and also serve this watermelon juice to your family members with love and happiness.

It takes times in preparing only 15 minutes, so ready yourself to serve your child, with this fresh and health watermelon juice.

Ingredients For Refreshing and Cool Watermelon Juice


2 cups watermelon (chopped)
¼ lime squeeze, save Juice
1 slice lime to garnish its optional
Mint leaves to garnish its optional


1.Collect all the ingredients.

2.Cut the fruit watermelon into chunks removing the rind and seeds and place the chunks in the refrigerator and cool it for 1-2 hours

3.In blender cover up to combine watermelon, lime juice and simple sugar according to your taste.

4.Pour watermelon juice into the glass and garnish with a slice of lime, mint leaves and serve with colorful straw (optional).


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