Suraj Pancholi: Build His Body Like ‘Captain Hawa Singh’ For his Upcoming Biopic

hawa-singh-dekhlo india theek hai
hawa-singh-dekhlo india theek hai

According to Suraj, ‘To become like Hawa Singh, I have practiced a lot on body transformation as well as learning boxing and his son Sanjay Hawa Singh has given me all the essential training. It was offered to me 6 months ago and I started boxing training from that time. He started increasing his weight too for this biopic film‘Hawa Singh’.

Suraj said I have been eating 15-16 eggs a day for the last four-five months. Drinking up to one and a half kilos of milk. Coconut water also in my mile. he has increased his weight by 10 kg for this character in the last five months. He used to train thrice daily for this biopic “Hawa Singh”. The film will be shoot as per schedule in Hawa Singh’s home and his home town and very good news for our country tha his grand daughter Nupur Hawa Singh is just 18 or 19 years old and she is qualifying for the Indian Olympics.

Captain Hawa Singh was born on 16 December 1937 in Umarwas village in Bhiwani district, Haryana. He joined the Indian Army at the age of 19 and started boxing there. In 1960, he won the title of Western Command by defeating the then champion Mohabbat Singh. Hawa won consecutive National Boxing Championships from 1961 to 1972. No one has been able to match his record till date. Hawa is the only Indian boxer to win two gold medals for boxing at the Asian Games.


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