Motivational Story Of Eagle Bird

Story Of Eagle Bird

Nowadays students, young people, especially those who are doing private jobs, need a lot of motivation because life is not so easy. Everywhere you will get a strong competition and we have seen many times that some people become demotivate after one or two failures. This motivational story for Life has brought us especially to such people so that they are never disappointed in life. There is a great need of struggle, discipline and patience to achieve success in life and we have brought such a story to you which will inspire you.

Guys, Eagles are a bird that faces great difficult training since their childhood. Generally, after the birth of the birds, the bird’s chicks keep on eating for many days with the help of their mother and they have to depend on their mother to eat for few months, but eagles’ children are completely reversed.

Just after the few days of the birth, the first stage of training begins, in which the female eagle brings food for the child, but does not put the food directly in the mouth of the child, but standing at a distance from their nest and showing the food to catch-up fast. Now the child is very hungry and needs food, so the child of eagle has to get out of the nest with full force of the struggle to go to his mother to catch the food. In this struggle, the child of eagle also gets injured sometimes, but the female eagle’s heart does not melt. Mother stays away from the nest until the child not catches the food by their own effort.

After a few days of training, the female eagle presses their baby in the paw and takes 10 to 12 kilometers in the sky and then throws the child from that height. This is the toughest test of that child. As the female Eagle throws their child down from such a height, as the child starts falling down as the lot gets stuck. When he is about 1000 meters from the ground, child starts spreading their wings in nervousness but does not fly and then realizes that is death is very near , but suddenly, the female eagle reach quickly grab the child in the air and help the child to land safe.

Mother eagle does this until the child learns to fly well and from this we learn lots of lesson. The struggle and hard willing to learn makes you stronger in all aspects of life. This story motivates us very much and we should to learn from this story.


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