Coronavirus: Iran’s vice-president also infected, 26 dead in the country

President of Iran also Infected Coronavirus
President of Iran also Infected Corona virus

Vice President of Iran also Infected

Five foreigners brought to India from Japan include citizens of Sri Lanka, Nepal, South Africa and Peru.

36 foreigners brought from Wuhan include citizens of Bangladesh, Myanmar, Maldives, China, D. Africa, USA and Madagascar.

The World Health Organization said on Wednesday – Coronavirus cases increased in other countries than China.

Iran’s Vice-President, Massuomeh Ibtekar Coronavirus, has been infected. The government on Thursday released a list of 106 people infected in 24 hours, including Vice President Ibtekar’s name. Earlier, the country’s deputy health minister also suffered from coronavirus infection. In view of the coronavirus infection, the government has banned the gathering of people for Namaz on Friday.Iran is the most infected country with coronavirus after China. Here 26 people have died of coronavirus and 245 cases have been reported. Meanwhile, DGCA has canceled all flights coming from Iran due to the infection of the disease.

On the other hand, 119 Indians and five foreign nationals stranded on a stranded ship off Japan’s Yokohama coast were brought to Delhi on Thursday. Also, the Indian Air Force aircraft that went to Wuhan city of China has also returned. It has brought 76 Indian and 36 foreign nationals. The Indians, brought from both the planes, will be kept at ITBP’s Observation Center at Chawla after thermal screening. The five foreigners brought from Japan include citizens of Sri Lanka, Nepal, South Africa and Peru.The Government of India has thanked the Government of Japan for helping evacuate the people. From 3 February, the Diamond Princess Ship was halted at Yokohama Port in Japan. 138 Indians were stranded in it, of which 16 are infected with coronaviruses. Now the crew of the ship has also been evacuated from there to Quarantine.Those brought from Wuhan will be kept at the Observation Center

A special Air Force C-17 Globemaster arrived in Delhi from China at 6.45 am on Thursday. The 112 people who returned from it will be kept at the Observation Center at Chawla, ITBP after thermal screening. Among the 36 foreign nationals who returned from Wuhan are Bangladesh, Myanmar, Maldives, China, South Africa, the US and Madagascar.


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